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Menu 2020

Menu year 2020. Big news from the year 2021

Earthfood mixed starter

Beef tartare with mustard sauce and mixed salad

Mixed cheese

Marinara mussels

Ligurian octopus (octopus with potatoes and cherry tomatoes)

Seafood mixed starter

Seafood carpaccio

Vegetarian platter (Vegetarian dish)

Beef tagliata (Beef tagliata)

Mixed grilled meats

Hamburger with French fries and vegatables

Florentine steak

Grilled tuna fish with sesame

Mixed fried (seafood fried)

Grilled sea bream fish

Mixed grilled seafoods *

Grilled octopus *

Grilled vegatables

French fries *

Mixed salad

Desserts of the day

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